Taylor Blevins Calling All the Shots At Central School

Madison County, Ala. - Meet Taylor Blevins. He teaches social studies at Central School in Madison County.

Taylor Blevins teaches at Central School in Madison County.

"Coach Blevins is a high-energy guy. He brings a lot of excitement to his classroom," said Principal Alex Hudges.

And he also brings something else to the classroom. "He uses the basketball goal as a tool."

How does a basketball goal help with the daily lesson plan?

"He passes a basketball around to the students as they answer questions correctly they get to take shots from around the room."

Taylor Blevins uses a basketball goal as a teaching tool in his classroom.

Sounds like an M-V-T to me....most valuable teacher.

Mr. Blevins was honored to receive $319. "That is awesome! Thank you I appreciate it." said Blevins.

These students clearly have enjoyed their teacher's creative classroom approach.

"I started to use as review games we use it a lot here and the kids loved it so I just stuck with it." said Blevins.

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