HAWS: Helping Animals Without Shelter aims to educate pet owners about keeping animals warm

As freezing temperatures grip much of the country, we continue to hear numerous stories of pets freezing to death after being left outside. That's why a local group continues to work to help ensure the safety of animals in the community.

Helping Animals Without Shelter or HAWS is a group from Huntsville that aims to help animals survive the elements.

Lisa Shedd with HAWS said the most it is important for pet owners to know how to keep their pets warm.

"You can't just put a doghouse out there. You have to put lots of warm, dry wheat straw. The wheat straw has to be dry or it doesn't keep them warm. It will insulate them inside their doghouse."

"We lose a lot of sleep over those. A lot of animals that lie out there when there are so many things that you can do to keep them from being in that kind of situation. It's just hard."