Probably and Maybe: snow is not a sure thing yet

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If you have a bad case of cabin fever (or you have kids with an itch to get outside), Wednesday and Thursday are your days! Use them wisely, and understand you’ll probably have to dodge a few showers along the way.

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Showers stay very isolated (spotty) Wednesday; you won’t see much if you see anything at all.

Rain becomes a little more scattered (covering larger areas at a time but still not 100% coverage) Thursday. The better chance of measurable rain looks to be over Northeast Alabama Thursday afternoon; that chance grows to the ‘likely’ range and covers all of North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee Thursday night into Friday morning.

Expect high temperatures in the lower/middle 60s both Wednesday and Thursday. If you don’t like it cold, though, you may not want to hear what follows.

Next major Arctic blast arrives Friday: Friday morning starts out mild and rainy: some locally-heavy rain and even a few non-severe thunderstorms.

Colder air moves in during the day, so the high of 53ºF happens early: on to the plunge and the threat of snow after that.

Snow for real? Yes, it’s a real chance. No, we don’t know exactly who gets it and how much they’ll get at this moment. There’s potential for a swath of as little as 1-2” or as much as 4-6” snow in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee Friday night and Saturday. Why the range? We simply don’t have a crystal ball that magically transports us through space and time to a particular day and place to measure and watch the weather happen. We forecast, adjust, forecast again, and keep getting closer to the answer. Having said that, this is as ‘accurate’ as it can get right now: probably and maybe. Modeling is all over the place with some getting buried, some getting nothing, and everything in between. Models do that; we’ll weed through all of that data and get you set up with information you can use instead of information that means something for this 6-hour period but is invalid after that!

After the snow chance, there’s more very, very cold weather and another chance or two at some light snow with ‘clipper’ (a fast-moving area of low pressure traveling along the Arctic ‘front’) systems passing just north of us in the Monday-Wednesday timeframe.

Then, it’ll finally warm up for a few days starting late next week.

Need some specifics about the weekend or next week? They’re always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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