Calling all goofballs– the Rocket City Clown School is looking for new recruits!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- A local organization is looking for new recruits! But only a special kind of person is qualified to take on this job.

The Rocket City Clowns are seeking new clowns!

The Rocket City Clowns is an all-volunteer organization of clowns from all around the North Alabama area. Their goal is to bring smiles and laughter to those both young and old. Activities include clowning around at hospitals, retirement and rehabilitation organizations, charity events such the ALS walk, St. Jude walk/run and the Partnership for a Drug Free Community Kids Fun Day, parties of all sorts, business advertising, running a clown school, and many other community events.

With the circus no longer around, maintaining a  good reputation for clowns is an important priority for the Rocket City Clowns. This all-volunteer organization carries high standards for their recruits. The organization is also a member of the World Clown Association.

You can apply online for clown school and will be required to undergo a background check to participate in this cheerful organization!

This all-volunteer organization will be accepting applications until Feb. 1, and classes will begin Thursday, Feb. 8 at the Dowdle Center in Huntsville.