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“Problem never goes away” Advocates ask for help with the year-round struggle of the homeless

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- With temperatures dropping below freezing, most of us can't wait to get inside and out of the cold. But for many, that isn't an option.

One advocacy group is urging a 'call to arms' to help the Huntsville homeless community.

The City of Huntsville says they are active in helping the homeless community.

"The City of Huntsville partners with local agencies and non-profits to provide additional assistance in times of need. As a result, we have an extensive network of services to cover emergency situations. Should a resident need assistance in this cold snap with food, heat or shelter, we encourage residents to call 211 for help."

During these cold months, some say the need is greater, especially for the city's homeless community. "There's one warming station," said Amy Mansell, founder and president of the Tent City Project.

The warming station she is referring to is located at the Grateful Life Community Church. Mansell believes that the homeless community would benefit from more warming center options.

"If this little tiny church like Grateful Life can achieve it, there's no reason why these monster churches can't achieve it," Mansell said.

But the problem doesn't stop with the cold temperatures.

"Homelessness gets more attention during the winter for obvious reasons, but it is ongoing year round. The same as people die in the winter from hypothermia, they die in the summer for heat exhaustion or heat strokes," Mansell said.

Mansell said as Huntsville grows, the city will have to adjust. "The problem never goes away."

Mansell added that the more people who get involved, the more help they can give. "I think people need to ask questions, I think people need to educate themselves."