Petition urges Nick Saban not to visit White House if Alabama wins National Championship

Nick Saban (Image:

As Alabama gears up for the National Championship Monday against Georgia, it appears many are signing a petition for the Tide to skip the White House visit if they come out on top.

About three months ago a social change organization called CREEDO Action started a petition to try to convince Nick Saban to take a stand against President Trump. The petition came in response to President Trump’s visit to Huntsville back in September when President Trump referred to NFL players that didn’t stand for the national anthem as “SOBs” and called for their firing. Athletes have protested social injustice and police violence against black people by kneeling during the anthem.

The petition goes on to say, ” His [Saban] power comes with responsibility not only to his players and his university, but to people in Alabama and across the country who respect and revere him. He should accept that responsibility and speak out against Trump’s hate.”

The petition calls for Saban to:

“Take a stand against Donald Trump’s racism. Disavow his hateful critique of NFL protesters who are speaking out against systemic racism and police brutality. Affirm your players’ right to protest and pledge not to take your team to the White House if you win the national championship.”

As of 3 p.m. Thursday, the website says the petition has received more than 72,000 signatures with a goal of 100,000.