Colbert County residents asked to be patient with low water pressures

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – Some residents in northwest Alabama may have a noticed a decrease in water pressure over the last couple of days. It was the decision of water managers in Colbert County to decrease the pressure to make sure no one is without.

There is a small patch of ice along Cedar Hill Lane in Colbert County which is a big deal. Because of the cold temperatures, they are popping up all over. Beneath the patch lies a busted water line. On Wednesday, the county water department realized the severity.

“The system was asking for more water than we were able to give it,” explained County Engineer John Bedford. “We were actually losing in our tank, plus both of our pumps turned on.”

John Bedford, Colbert County Engineer

The water tank located in the Hatton Community helps feed the system’s daily water use of 500-thousand gallons. On Wednesday, the Colbert County Water Department went through 850-thousand gallons. Still barely enough to keep up.

“We were able to divide the system up; we had to drop some pressures in some areas but that was the only way we could keep people in water,” Bedford said.

Bedford explained they had to purchase the extra water from surrounding providers.

With temperatures expected to warm up over the next couple of days, more breaks in the water lines are expected as they thaw. Bedford is asking for the residents to help.

“Check your meters, look at your meters. It’s very easy to see the leak indicator dial or just the use on the dial. But we just ask people to help us help them.”

And if you do have a burst waterline, shut your valve off at the meter. So your neighbors can continue to have water.

The Colbert County Water Department is asking residents to contact them if they do see a possible leak in the main water lines.

Water department managers said it is still okay to allow your faucets to drip to keep from freezing.