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A popular chain restaurant found with dirty dishes in Restaurant Ratings

Colbert County

Outback Steakhouse #1267

4838 Hatch Boulevard, Sheffield


  • Hose attached without backflow prevention -- 3-day notice given
  • Dirty dishes stacked with clean dishes -- 10-day notice given
  • 5 pans of macaroni and cheese being held at 44-45 degrees -- discarded at inspection

Score: 80


2225 George Wallace Hwy, Russellville


  • Spray bottle of glass cleaner not labeled, unapproved spray bottle of pesticide -- rules reviewed and 3-day notice given
  • Eggs sitting out at 68 degrees -- discarded, rules reviewed and 3-day notice given
  • Chili without date and other chili exceeding date limit -- 3-day notice given

Score: 78

Marshall County

CJ's Saloon

14 8th Street, Arab


  • Mold on coke soda gun

Score: 90

Jefferson's Restaurant

8146 US Hwy 431, Albertville


  • No stem type food thermometer available
  • Dish machine sanitizer rinse not at correct chlorine level
  • Pork used past date mark

Score: 82

Clean Plate Recommendation:

Let's Do Lunch

435 Holly Street SE, Decatur

Score: 99