Jackson County prepares for the possibility of icy roads during the cold weather

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - With the winter weather in full effect, it's important for drivers to be aware of the potential threat of ice on the roads. Jackson County is already keeping an eye out. "We'll base all of our actions on the National Weather Service," said Jonathan Campbell, the county engineer. "Their prediction tools, forecasts, that's what drives our actions whether it be pre-treatment or how to prepare for an event coming in."

Before the holidays, Campbell and his team organized a plan for hazardous weather. "The plan consists of prioritizing our roadways. So our higher traffic roadways, the intersections to those in the state routes and then some of the mountainsides, we'll look to pretreat if the event calls for that."

The county will plan to pretreat a road within 24 to 48 hours before a coming event with salt brine they personally manufacture from rock salt. This production saves the county some much-needed funds. "The most economical way for anti-icing versus buying prepackaged anti-icing chemicals," said Campbell.

While Jackson County is taking several actions to make sure those driving on the roads are safe, they're asking travelers to do the same. "I think we as travelers being prepared during the winter months and staying weather aware is quite possibly one of the safest things we can all do." County officials say being winter ready can help keep you stay safe, even when you have to drive in the cold.