Councilman: Suspended clerk accuses North Courtland mayor of sexual harassment

NORTH COURTLAND, Ala. - Officials in North Courtland say the town is effectively down as personal friction at town hall causes the town clerk Tabatha Bailey to remain suspended. Mayor Riely Evans Sr. suspended her for the second time since August.

Now, more details are revealed as to why the mayor continues to suspend the clerk he hired. Bailey says she wants him out of office, and says the suspension is retaliation and harassment because she rejected his advances.

"I'm aware of the sexual harassment allegations, that was brought to us some months ago," said Councilman Lee Langham. "But we have not had any sort of investigation. We should have investigated this several months ago, I would say."

For the second time in four days, the town council of requested a meeting to reinstate her Tuesday night, but lacked the quorum to do so.

"The only way we can resolve it is with the mayor. It seems he's the issue," said Langham.

Langham says he's frustrated the situation is yet to be resolved, because many city operations are halted without an active clerk. Plus he says, this tension and alleged sexual misconduct puts a dark cloud over the town.

"Hopefully we can get this resolved," said Langham. "If not, one or the other needs to resign. When [Mayor Evans] came in, everyone had high hopes but it seems the entire citizenry of North Courtland is frustrated now with the activities of the mayor."

Bailey says she has an attorney and is exploring taking legal action.

Officials say the mayor and council now plan to address the clerk's suspension at a special meeting Thursday at town hall.