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Madison Hospital welcomes the first baby of the New Year

MADISON, Ala. - Spending New Year's Eve in the hospital was never a thought in Kenyatta Wiggins' mind. "His full name is Corey Lamont Humphrey Jr, so he's a Junior," says Wiggins.

Little did she know that baby Corey would be making history as soon as he entered the world. "Once coworkers and friends and family found out, you know the first thing everyone thought was it's going to be a New Year's baby."

Kenyatta's third addition to their family wasn't scheduled to arrive until January 7th. "I probably waited a little longer than what I normally would have to go to the hospital," says Wiggins. She thought there was no way that her baby would be a New Year's baby. "Contractions started about 10 that night. So we actually ended up being on the road coming here to the hospital at midnight."

When she arrived, nurses told her that their 8 lb and 3 oz bundle of joy was the first one to grace the Madison Hospital in 2018. "But it wasn't until after he was born and we came over to recovery that I really had the chance to think about it."

Kenyatta says bringing her third child into the world is a day she'll never forget, for more than one reason. "How fun it'll be to tell him about it and to talk about it later when he's older."