The Sugar Bowl host city is bringing fans of both teams together with these ‘sweet treats’

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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- One rule for New Orleans: come hungry. That's what the WHNT News 19 crew found out while they've been in the 'big easy' for the Sugar Bowl.

You could say that people come to New Orleans for the beignets and they stay for the culture. If the long line is any indication, people traveling from Alabama to the Sugar Bowl are in for a real treat.

Everyone in line probably has a different favorite football team, but one thing is for sure, we can all agree Café Du Monde has the best beignets in the Big Easy.

Take it from Khloe and Ethan. They are first timers here in New Orleans. "It's messy and it's really good," says Ethan. "We watched the band and we came here and ate."

Now, they join the thousands of others united by a Café Du Monde craving. "This is all I see all day," says server Shane Saizan.

Powdered sugar coats Saizan's world multiple times a week. "I've been here since July."

He's the one serving these scrumptious sweets to people enjoying the crescent city. "We're open 24 hours. It kind of dies down around 7:00, I guess people to go dinner, but then it picks right back up at night. It's always just packed, people everywhere, maneuvering through everyone," Saizan explained.

Once he turns in his tray, he ends the day in the shower. "There's just pounds and pounds, everywhere. So sticky all day long, you gotta get used to it. I took the pen out of my ear and it just all went down, everywhere."

So, how many beignets come out of the kitchen?

"I'd say a few hundred thousand, a day," Saizan says,

Khloe and Ethan don't need quite that many. "Are you going to eat anymore? Mmmm I don't know," said Khloe.

Let's put this in perspective. If they serve one-hundred-thousand beignets, and each serving includes three beignets, that's around thirty-three-thousand orders!

And if you do the math, people consume just north of seventeen-and-a-half million calories of beignets a day from Café Du Monde.

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