Organizers say New Year’s Eve party at Huntsville Times Square was a success despite cold weather

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — "Inside the tent was a madhouse. There were people everywhere and they were all having a great time," organizer Carl Thomas said.

Organizers Carl Thomas and Jon Owen had a vision in 2017 of a New Year's Eve party that would unite The Rocket City as one. "You see it in your head and believe it. You reach out to those around you and people will help you make these things happen," organizer Jon Owen said.

Fast forward a year later their dream became a reality as they hosted the first ever New Year's Eve party at Huntsville Times Square. There were a few obstacles along the way; like below freezing temperatures. "We knew it was coming and had to prepare. Jon did a great job of getting a tent lined up and some heat," Thomas said.

But the cold air may have worked in their favor. "One thing that we did not expect was that the cold did not drive people away from the event. There were lots of people here," Thomas said.

Mother Nature forced everyone together. "Everyone wanted to get together in a small spot and conserve heat, but they also supported the local venues," Thomas said.

Nearby businesses Sip and Old Town Beer Exchange saw an uptick in sales. "It was a night that we are normally not open and we did an entire Saturday worth of sales in five hours, which is great," Old Town Beer Exchange General Manager Chase Shelton said.

Thomas and Owen said they are just the face of the event, but there are a ton of people behind the scenes that made it happen too.

"I want you to watch what we do next, just get ready for it.  I will see you next year or this year," Owen said. To see more pictures and video from the event visit Huntsville Times Square Facebook Page.

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