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The cold could not keep people from celebrating their teams during annual Allstate Fan Fest

NEW ORLEANS, La. - Temperatures barely rose above 40 on Sunday. But, many fans braved the cold and rain to attend the annual Allstate Fan Fest ahead of Monday's Sugar Bowl.

In fact, you could say umbrellas became a fashion accessory during the event. Freezing fans layered up to celebrate the upcoming game. Coats and gloves didn't hide the Clemson/Alabama pride.

"It is worth it," Ella Morales, a Clemson fan from South Carolina, said. "I'm always cold and this makes it like 10 times worse."

Of course, what's a little cold when you've traveled hours to the Crescent City to see your team play?

"This was his Christmas present from me, I surprised him with tickets to the Sugar Bowl," Christina Durso said alongside her husband at Fan Fest. He's loved Alabama since he was a little boy and we actually cameĀ all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio."

Some of the littlest fans have the biggest passion for their team. That's enough to keep their minds off the low temperature.

"All these Alabama fans are great," 7-year-old Evan Green said. "I like this cold weather a little bit. I can't wait for Alabama to win over the Clemson Tigers."