Local Facebook group helps residents reunite with their lost pets

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — For many people, their pets are more than just an animal, they're part of the family. That is why it can be heartbreaking for owners when their pets go missing. One local woman decided to use the power of social media to help make sure our furry friends make it home safely.

"We are not a nonprofit. We are just a free community service on Facebook," Jeananne Jackson explained.

Jackson started Lost and Found Pets Huntsville Madison County several years ago. "We are about over 17,000 members strong. We work on the site 24 hours a day. You can post a lost pet or a found pet," said Jackson.

All kinds of animals have shown up on the page. "We've had pigs, goats, rabbits you name it on there. People go right to work sharing on other social media sites and trying to find the family or pet you are looking for," she said.

Jackson said sometimes owners get their pets back within 10 minutes of posting. She said the site is helping animals stay out of the shelter. "One night in the shelter means an animal can go home sick. The shelter is overloaded and stays overloaded," Jackson said.

They also work with Huntsville Animal Services and Animal Control. "Their employees are members of our site. They get on there and as soon as they find a pet they get on there and post it before they ever make it to the shelter," Jackson said.

Jackson said the Facebook group has grown to more than what she could imagine and being able to reunite family members is priceless.

To join the group, click here.