Restaurants cited for rodent droppings in food storage area, moldy whipped cream

Colbert Co. 

Claunch Cafe

400 South Main Street, Tuscumbia


  • No proof of food service employee reporting agreement-information
  • Slaws, sliced tomato and chopped lettuce sitting out at 61-66 degrees, no time/temperature chart -- 3 day notice and rules reviewed
  • Rodent droppings in dry storage/pantry/freezer building -- 10 day notice given
  • Dirty dishes stacked with clean
  • Dirty can opener blade -- 10 day notice given

Score: 73

Hometown Pizza Cherokee

8742 Hwy 72, Cherokee


  • No available hot water under pressure at the 3 compartment sink -- 10 day notice given
  • Dairy, proteins, chopping greens, ham, burgers, tomatoes at improper temperatures
  • Mold on whipped cream/cool whip

Score: 95

Madison Co. 

Waffle House #287

3995 University Drive, Huntsville


  • Chemical stored next to disposable cups in dry storage area and windex spray bottle stored on top of post drink boxes -- fixed at inspection
  • Milk, half and half, chocolate milk, lettuce, mushrooms, ham and batter stored at improper temperatures -- fixed at inspection
  • The employee did not wash hand after cleaning and before handling food -- fixed at inspection

Score: 74

Clean Plate Recommendation:


2000 Cecil Ashburn Drive, Huntsville

Score: 100