Former UNA professor accused of sexually assaulting student files financial claim against university, seeking millions

FLORENCE, Ala. – A former University of North Alabama professor named in a civil lawsuit which claims he sexually assaulted a student, is now filing a claim against the university.

David Dickerson

David Dickerson is claiming the university denied his due process and slandered him in local and national media. His claim has been filed outside of the traditional courts; the Alabama Board of Adjustment will handle the filing by Dickerson, which is asking for upwards of $7 million.

In August, a former UNA student identified as Jane Doe filed a civil lawsuit against the university saying they mishandled sexual assault accusations. In summary, the lawsuit states David Dickerson forced himself on Jane Doe while on a school-sponsored trip to Orlando in November 2015.

Shortly after the civil lawsuit was made public, the university started an internal investigation found Dickerson violated school policy and was removed from the classroom and campus. No criminal charges have been filed.

Earlier this month, Dickerson filed a 200-page financial claim against the University of North Alabama.

Dickerson claims the university owes him both past and future wages because they failed to give him due process. He is also asking for wages he would earn for retirement, health insurance, and supplemental income. Those calculations added up to $7 million in the filing.

Dickerson is also making a claim the university slandered his name in the news media. Stating in the claim, “UNA’s resulting guilty conviction of the plaintiff in their press release has labeled and defamed the plaintiff.” It went on to say the release hurt Dickerson’s professional reputation and denied him the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The University of North Alabama has 30-days to respond to the claims made to the Board of Adjustment; at which point a hearing will be set for the financial claims.

A four-person panel makes up the Alabama Board of Adjustment; they include the State Finance Director, the State Treasurer, Secretary of State, and State Auditor.