Santa Claus makes a stop in Huntsville to wish everyone a Merry Christmas

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — For the last 22 years Santa Claus has set up shop at a home on Westmoreland Avenue to greet residents in the community. "It's a Christmas Eve tradition for us for many, many years," Marie Burns said.

The Burns have visited Santa every Christmas Eve for the last 10 years. "Every year we open our pajamas, we go through the lights, and we always stop here and see Santa and it changes over the years," Julia Burns said.

Siblings Isaiah and Mattie Page were excited to see the man dressed in red. They wanted to make sure Saint Nicolas knew exactly where their house was, so he could drop off their presents. They hope he gets them the stuff they asked for. "I mean I just got a new PlayStation so I want some games for that," said Isaiah.

"I want art supplies and books", Mattie said.

Ten-year-old  Zadie Boyd is hoping for something a little different. "A great Christmas for my grandma," Boyd said.

Santa could only stick around for a short period of time, but did wish everyone a Merry Christmas before setting off to continue to deliver presents.