Deputies: think twice before putting Christmas boxes on the curb

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Now the gifts are unwrapped and it's time to put out the trash, law enforcement have a warning for you.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office warns against putting boxes that once held big TV's, stereo equipment, games, or other high-dollar items out on the curb. They say that's almost an invitation for thieves to come visit your home or even your vehicle.

"After Christmas, they're going to be looking for people that buy high-dollar items and takes the boxes and places on them on the curb," said Lt. Donny Shaw, Public Information Officer.

He has a recommendation for how to throw away your boxes while being proactive against property crime.

"You need to crush the box and break it down and get it into your waste receptacle so people don't know that you've just bought a nice sound system or nice tv, whatever else it may be," he recommended.

"Always be diligent," said Shaw.

Diligence in home safety is what he's talking about. He wants you to establish a routine of locking house and car doors and closing blinds when you're not at home. He added that families should be vigilant about what's going on in your neighborhood. If you see something or someone suspicious, call your local law enforcement.