Local veteran writes song to raise awareness about PTSD

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- "You have so many veterans and soldiers that have PTSD. We have a lot of veterans commit suicide because of that," Singer/songwriter Ally Free said.

Free is also a veteran and is using the power of music to spread awareness about PTSD. "Music is the universal language. Anywhere you go whether you are happy, sad, mad and angry or whatever you're going through. There's not a day that goes by that there's not at least one song that gets you through that day," Free said.

PTSD is something personal to her. She has seen it impact some of her closest friends. "When we talk about suicide, I have had that happen in front of me so that is something that does hit me on a personal aspect. As far as my military brothers, I've seen them have to cope with that and when their families kick them out on the street," Free explained.

This is why she wrote "Who's Gonna Fight For Me" to bring awareness to PTSD. "I feel like there's not enough support for our veterans and soldiers," Free said.

If the song impacts one person, it has done its job. "As you want your family to fight for you, I'm going to fight for you too. I may not know them, but I will fight for them too. And through this song I hope this is exactly what it does," Free said,

She said she will always be willing to fight for the men and woman who put their lives on the line for our freedom. Free says 50 percent of the sales from her song will go to benefit local charities supporting veterans.

Free is also looking for sponsors. If you would like to sponsor her contact Roseanna Cox at 256-426-8435. "Who's Gonna Fight For Me" is available on cdbaby and Amazon.