Holly Jolly Interview: Santa answers questions before the big day

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- Santa Claus is very busy this time of year, but he took some time out for an interview with WHNT News 19.

Santa said taking care of his health is the number one way he prepares for the big day. He eats healthy all year in preparation for all the cookies he will eat Christmas Day. He is also double checking the naughty and nice lists.

"We have a short list here, we keep our big list on a computer. You know this is the 21st century," Claus said. "The naughty list is very small.  Very, very few children are that naughty they should be on the naughty list."

If you are one of those few who didn't make the nice list, Santa has some advice.

"You do good deeds. You can be mindful of your parents, persons of responsibility," Claus said. "You can do well in school. You can improve your behavior. And eat your vegetables. That's very important."

As for the most popular gift on Christmas lists this year, "That's the easiest question of all, Nintendo Switch. Everybody wants a Nintendo Switch."

After all the gifts have been delivered around the world on Christmas Eve, Santa said he has some big plans.

"Santa's going to Disney World," Claus said. "He's going on vacation."