Secret Santa brings joy to a Huntsville family rocked by recent crime

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A happy update on a story we first shared Monday night. Viola White was at work Monday morning, when she found a missed call on her phone.  It turns out, her house was broken into while her young children were home.

White knew something was wrong, when she saw a missed call from her kids. That call essentially shattered White's sense of safety.

“I was at work from the girls and somebody was really actually in the house while they was here," White says.

When her children realized the crook had made it into the house, the 13, 12 and 6 year old hid in the closet while staying on the phone with 911.

“They basically had to hold my 6-year-old down so she won’t say nothing because she normally be talking," she says.

The crook made off with the family's TV, jewelry and did some damage to the window he broke into.

So it's only fitting, one day later, another phone call WHNT News 19 made to Viola, helped right some of the wrong.

We'll get to that in a moment.

First, why the call happened.

Our Mrs. Claus saw the story, and wanted to make sure Viola's three brave girls had a Merry Christmas. Along with a Best Buy Sales Associate, fittingly named Clarence, our Mrs. Claus picked out a replacement TV for Viola's children.

She didn't want to be named, didn't want the credit - just wanted to spread a little holiday cheer.

“I sure do thank her," White said when we surprised her with the new TV. “God bless them, I couldn’t be more happier.”

Our Mrs. Claus got a lot more than cheer - disbelief, joy, love - all wrapped up in one TV box.

“I never thought that somebody would donate a TV," exclaimed White.

Though a stranger brought insecurity and pain into White's house, another stranger brought more joy than she could have possibly imagined.

“It’s a blessing. You know. Somebody blessed me so I’m going to be able to bless someone else someday," said White.

Viola's three girls were too afraid to sleep Monday night in their mother's house and stayed with a relative.

Viola hopes, maybe with a new TV and some extra security measures, their house will feel like a home again.

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