Outraged customers claim online boutique owes hundreds of dollars in clothes

An online boutique is drawing criticism from customers who say they are not getting what they paid for in a timely manner and are owed hundreds of dollars. Customers said the name of the Facebook page has been changed repeatedly to avoid their complaints.

Samantha Coots is owner of the business. She has confirmed changing the name of the group formerly known as Rustic Magnolia Shoppe, but only to advertise a sale. The page has more than eleven thousand members.

Jennifer Parker posted on a Facebook page called "Rustic Magnolia Complaints." She says she shopped the boutique more than a month ago and is still owed over $260 worth of clothes.

Corie Lockett also posted a complaint on the page, saying she is owed around $250 worth of clothes from an order placed about a month ago. She says the customer service started out great, but now has been blocked by the page and cannot contact Coots about her order.

Lockett said the orders were Christmas gifts and she is not in a financial position to replace them. The complaints page includes a number of similar accounts. Many customers say they have given up after waiting more than a month for their items, even turning to PayPal to file a claim.

Coots said she has never of heard of the complaints page, and that the page administrators have never contacted her about their issues.

Coots says she has been dealing with an unexpected medical emergency in her family. She says her page states that most orders can take one to six weeks depending on vendor shipping times. She said that she has posted on her page letting her customers know she is not taking new orders until she is caught up.

Coots says she had more than a thousand orders during the Christmas rush, and is about 100 orders shy of getting everything sent out. She says she is working quickly to ship items every day and plans on getting everyone the items they are owed.