Luther Strange got the most write-in votes in Morgan County, but Nick Saban and Bugs Bunny made the list too

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – The Morgan County Probate Office has published a tallied list of write-ins from the U.S. Senate Special Election won by Doug Jones (D). Senator Luther Strange (R-Alabama), who holds the seat but lost in a primary runoff with Roy Moore (R), received the most write-in votes.

Strange received 215 write-in votes in Morgan County. Republican Lee Busby, who launched a late write-in campaign to challenge Roy Moore after allegations of sexual misconduct, received the second most with 152.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-5th) finished third in the first round of GOP primary voting, and he pulled in 72 write-in votes in Morgan County for the Special Election.

State Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) also made a relatively strong showing with 64 votes.

The Secretary of State’s Office recently announced that they would require counties to tally individual write-ins, since the total number of write-ins was greater than the difference in votes between the top two candidates.

Roy Moore won Morgan County with more than 19,000 votes, compared to Doug Jones who finished with a little less than 11,000 there. Morgan County had 668 write-ins.

Of course, write-ins almost always include a few less serious suggestions. Bugs Bunny got a vote in Morgan County. So did Buddy the Elf. Bozo the Clown actually got two.

Nine people cast blank write-in votes in protest, and one person wrote in “Neither.”

Alabama Coach Nick Saban got 8 votes; Auburn Kicker Daniel Carlson got one too.

“A competent conservative” got one vote.

You can see the full list here.