Fort Payne Recycling Center is encouraging residents to recycle their gift wrap

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FORT PAYNE, Ala. - After you've opened all your gifts on Christmas Day, you'll you need someplace to throw away all of the leftover boxes and wrapping paper. "Recycling saves the environment, natural resources, and valuable space in our landfills," says Fort Payne Recycling Center manager Teresa Stone.

The recycling center is encouraging residents to bring it all to them. "Recycle as much as possible," says Stone. "When they bring their mixed paper boxes, wrapping paper just make sure the bows aren't on them and on the bags, the ribbon parts. Ribbons cannot be recycled with mixed paper."

All wrapping and tissue paper can be recycled in the various bins organized inside of the gate at the recycling center. There will also be two designated bins outside of the gate for the cardboard boxes. "The corrugated cardboard is separate. It is processed differently. If they're not for certain what goes in the bins, just leave it in the carts. It is labeled, the bins are labeled for that."

Stone says it is extremely important not to mix the cardboard boxes with those paper items. "The gate is always open. I am here seven to three, Monday through Friday, but the gate is always open."

The goal of this is to keep as much trash out of the landfill as possible.