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Keep mud off of your pooch’s paws and out of the house with the Mudbuster

We know many of our viewers are dog owners, and you would do anything for your four-legged family members. But you've got to admit-- they can be absolute mess makers!

"Anytime he runs, he runs full speed and he will slide into the ball, and mud just goes everywhere," said dog owner Paige Daly.

She's talking about Murphy-, a playful pup who loves to run fast and jump high. But of course, all that playing comes with a cleanup.

"Every time I bring him in I have wipes," Daly said. "I wipe his feet off, or if it's raining there's a towel down, just because he...he's just dirty!"

The Mudbuster paw cleaner claims to provide a quick and convenient way to clean dirty and muddy paws, preventing it from being tracked all over your house, furniture, and even you. It's an easy-grip tumbler laced with several gentle, thick silicone bristles that can reach the crevices of your pooch's paw and wipe away the dirt.

To use, you add some water, then insert the muddy paw into the Mudbuster and let the silicone bristles do the rest. If you can get your dog to sit still, of course.

"I feel like it would probably be a good tool to have...I mean if you can keep your dog still," Daly said.

But after several attempts, we were starting to wonder if it was worth the trouble over simply using the wipes.

"A wipe I can just run across his paw and he lets me do that. He was not having sticking his foot in that thing," Daly said.

The Mudbuster did clean his paws, and is a great reusable option, but may take some practice to get used to.

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