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Students write original song for classmate battling cancer

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HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- Eleven-year-old Kadence Castillo is battling cancer for the second time. In efforts to inspire Kadence and others battling childhood illness, her classmates at Whitesburg Elementary got together and wrote a song called "Fight! A Song to Defeat Childhood Illness."

Kadence was diagnosed last year with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. She had been in remission since July, but relapsed this September.

"It's been very hard for us. She's on her fourth treatment plan and it's been emotional," said Kadence's mom,  Alina Castillo. "But we're still fighting, we're not gonna give up."

Kadence's classmates not only wrote the song but even recorded a music video. They hope their musical talents will help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Kandence spent eight months there while she underwent treatment. Students ask that a donation be made in Kadence's name here.

Whitesburg choral director, Alicia Moreno Mulloy, said she is amazed at how well the children used those emotions to write the song lyrics.

"How do you think a child would feel if they were really sick, and how do you think their parents will feel?" Moreno Mulloy said. "How would their best friend feel?"

Kadence said she loves music, especially the singer Shawn Mendez. She said the choir's song might be the only thing better.

"I think it's my favorite song to be honest," Kadence said. "It's just really good, it tops off Shawn Mendez."

She said the title "Fight" is perfect because it is something she has been doing every day since her diagnosis. To get through it she said she can't give up and she can't set limits on herself.

"When I had my leg amputated, before I actually had it amputated, I met this girl. She was a little older than me," Kadence said. "She had her leg amputated, and she told me not to set any boundaries or limits. And that's what I've been doing. That's what I'm going to keep on doing."

So far the choir has raised one thousand dollars. Their goal is to reach five thousand and to get a room at the Ronald McDonald House named afterKadence. Kadence's Jiu-Jitsu teacher has also started a Go Fund Me page to help with the family's expenses.