School resource officer helps spread holiday cheer at Cornerstone Christian Academy

RAINSVILLE, Ala. - School resource officer Timothy Devlin is bringing a little holiday cheer to Cornerstone Christian. Every day this past week, Devlin has dressed in a Christmasmas themed outfit for the enjoyment of the students. "I said it may get a little more extravagant," said Officer Devlin.

On Friday, Officer Devlin took it to another level and dressed up like the big man himself. "You know seeing the kids faces kind of made it worth it. I don't mind looking like a fool for a little while if it makes people happy during the holidays."

Although Christmas is an exciting time, it could also be a little stressful. "They got final exams going on. It's the end of the school year, so the teachers are pressed for time."

According to Principal Scott Mcfall, students aren't the only ones who get excited about a visit from Santa. "When the parents unload the kids, you'd think the kids are so excited, but it's the parents that are so excited," said Principal McFall.

Officer Devlin said dressing up this Christmas has been the highlight of his first year as an SRO. "If I can bring just a minute of enjoyment for somebody then it's well worth it," said Officer Devlin.