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One Redstone Arsenal Soldier gives full-time a new meaning

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Redstone Arsenal, Ala. - Colonel Larry Vaughn is a full-time active duty National Guard Soldier. He works at the Army Materiel Command headquarters as the Executive Officer for the Assistant Commanding General for National Guard Affairs. AMC is all about sustaining soldiers whether they're regular Army or the reserve component, which is made up of both National Guard and Reserve Soldiers.  "I get to help influence discussions from senior leaders on what is happening or should happen to the reserve component," said Col. Vaughn.

In the Colonel's case, that job is more complicated than you might imagine. Not only is the Colonel an Executive Officer for the Command Staff at AMC, but he is a normal National Guard one-week-a-month soldier at Fort McClellan near Anniston. He's the Commander of the National Guard Training Center. With his two jobs he only has two or three days a month when he is not being a soldier.  "If I'm a little tired. If it seems like I'm burning the candle at both ends, well okay, that's okay. I enjoy it. I enjoy both places," said the Colonel.

The Army Materiel Command has a worldwide job to make sure every soldier gets everything from food, bullets and vehicles to do their job. Feedback from the field is crucial. As a National Guard Commander, Col. Vaughn is able to see the equipment situation from the user's point of view. "I can come back to AMC, and go...the guard is still getting this equipment issued, and I've seen it first hand, and we don't need it," said Colonel Vaughn.

Something else the Colonel doesn't need is two uniforms. All he has to do with his two jobs is change the shoulder patch.  That part is easy. But what's not easy is missing home life with his wife and son near Birmingham.  In this case though, Colonel Vaughn is okay with the situation. "So while I have the ability to help, while I'm being able to contribute significantly, and have the energy, let's do it," said Colonel Larry Vaughn.

He also said that when his job at AMC Headquarters ends early next year, he plans to work on finding another full-time job in uniform. He loves what he does.