Democratic Party says strategically campaigning in all Alabama counties allowed Jones to win senate special election

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tom Perez, President of the Democratic Party, held a press call with reporters in the local and national media on Wednesday morning, following Doug Jones’ victory in the U.S. Senate Election.

Perez began the conversation by congratulating Jones as the first Democrat to represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate in 25 years; he referred to the new senator as a “uniter.”

During the phone call, Perez said organizing a team from the Democratic Party in every county in the state was the key to Jones’ victory. He said teams heavily focused on college campuses to secure the millennial vote, faith leaders and worked with minority-owned businesses to earn the support of minority groups.

“When we work in coordination, we are at our best,” Perez said.

Perez also said the party provided rides to the polls, and purchased voters’ phone numbers to ultimately send more than a million texts encouraging people to get to the polls. Perez also said the ‘Get Out the Vote’ rallies helped energize minority voters to get to the polls.

Perez said it is vital that the Democratic Party establishes a 12-month per year engagement strategy to continue winning elections across the country. He stressed the importance of energizing minority and millennial voters.

“We’re making progress,” Perez said. “We’re going to continue to lead with these values, the values of opportunity for everyone, the values of making sure that everyone that works a full-time job can live a stress-free life. The values of the Democratic Party that says when women succeed, America succeeds. We will always stand up for women. We will always stand up for women who are victims of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct. When we lead with our values, we win.”

In this election, the DNC spent 100% of its investment on getting African-Americans and millennials to the polls. Perez said they reported a 30% voter turnout among African-Americans.

The DNC also reported that 10 counties in Alabama that previously voted Republican, received more Democratic votes in the December 12 election.

Looking forward to future elections, Perez said the Democratic Party is hoping to organize in every county of the state and lead with values. He said in Alabama, that meant supporting a candidate who fights for good jobs, minority inclusion, and healthcare.

The party also established a $10 million innovation fund that’s aimed at increasing investments in minority and millennial communities.