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Topgolf is set to open its doors to the public Dec. 22, here’s a look at what’s in store

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- There's a lot of anticipation building about an exciting new venue coming to Huntsville on December 22. With multiple locations around the globe, Huntsville will be home to the 39th Topgolf.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just looking for a fun night out, a cool new venue is coming to town.

"It's a great community feeling when you come to Topgolf and it's so much fun," says Wiley Belew, Topgolf's marketing manager. "It's gonna be huge for the community and bring in a lot of new business, new people, draw new crowds and give Huntsville a lot more options of what to do in the city."

Topgolf features event spaces, restaurants, bars, entertainers and a range of different golf games. Huntsville native Charlie Harriman said, "I play a lot of golf but this is absolutely a place that me and my friends, my family would come and hang out."

The 53,000 square foot building ensures the fun never runs out. 72 climate-controlled bays feature screens to track your progress and an automated ball machine that activates with the swipe of your club. Each bay holds up to six people and has a host to help with food and drinks. What's more, there's a microchip in the ball keeping score for you.

"Coming to Huntsville, it's such a tech-centered area, and Topgolf does focus on tech," Belew emphasized.

Harriman, who is also a financial advisor at Cloud Investments is excited about the partnership between Topgolf and the people of Huntsville. "If a place like Topgolf will come here we've got the community to support so it just shows that we're continuing to grow and develop as a community."

So grab your clubs and a friend, with endless options Topgolf is anything but par for the course. Topgolf will be updating their website with an exact date and you can check out the available games online.