Students are among the many concerned about the repeal of Net Neutrality

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Net neutrality is a debate that has circulated amongst law makers and corporate officials several times. "Oh God, not this again. That was my actual first thought," said college student David Sloan.

With the news of the Federal Communications Commission unveiling a plan to repeal the protections to keep the internet open and free, it has many apprehensive. "They're out to ring more money out of people for providing the same services they always have."

For many students like Sloan, he said easy access to the internet is vital to his education."It connects me to a lot of neat interests that I would not be able to access in any way, shape or form around here."

Students at Northeast Alabama Community College are also concerned that it could affect tuition at smaller institutions like theirs. "I am a little worried about it because I know it could cost the college," said college student Karla Deleon. "They're able to provide free WiFi now and free internet service for all of us for anything we need, for our classes."

WHNT spoke to deans of the school in regards to net neutrality and they weren't able to comment. The FCC plans on voting on whether or not to repeal net neutrality December 14th.