Local dog honored as a hero after helping save a life during a fire

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- A local dog named Queen was given the royal treatment and officially recognized as a hero on Wednesday, after helping to save a life in an apartment fire.

"I can't even say I was a hero, my dog was the hero, she's the one who woke me up," said Amos Smith, Queen's owner. Smith said Queen would not calm down after being let out to use the bathroom.

"She came back in, frantic, with soot all on her face. So I knew something had to be going on because she wouldn't lay down," Smith said.

Not long after, Smith said he heard calls for help. He called 911 and saved the life of his neighbor who was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The City of Huntsville officially recognized Queen as a hero.

"Queen, we just want to say thank you for being a hero. And we very much appreciate you as well as Amos for your heroism," said Bill Kling, a member of Huntsville City Council.

Smith said the six-month-old terrier mix saved his life long before the fire and when he looks at Queen he feels like a proud parent. "She's already a hero, she saved me anyways," he said. "I was going through depression. My friend gave me a companion to help me through it."

Smith was handed an eviction notice from the housing authority shortly after the fire. The reason, a pet violation stating the mixed-breed puppy was considered to be an aggressive dog and therefore not allowed in public housing.

Thankfully, Smith said that the housing authority has reversed that decision and will allow him and his Queen stay in their apartment.