DeKalb Ambulance Services collects toys for the Children’s Advocacy Center

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – DeKalb Ambulance Services dedicates their time to the county every single day. “Our crew members go out and they see the need,” said dispatcher, Casey Wilborn.

This Christmas, DAS wanted to give service in a different way. They are collecting toys for the local Children’s Advocacy Center. “You know a lot of times that we have to come in contact with these people on really sad days, bad days for those kids,” said Wilborn. “We’re doing something to give to them that’s going to make at least a few days of their year happy.”

They’re calling on people from around DeKalb County to help them collect new, unwrapped toys. “Any age group is fine. We’ll take anything and then we’ll deliver these to the advocacy center next week to make sure they’re distributed out to whichever children need.”

They only have until this weekend to receive as many items as possible. “A lot of times I don’t think we realize how many people and little kids are really in need of something to give them a little bit of joy,” said Wilborn.

Although this is just the first year of the toy drive, organizers hope to make it an annual event. If you would like to contribute to the drive, all donations can be dropped off at DeKalb Ambulance Services located on 208 Airport Rd in Fort Payne.