Ad valorem school taxes pass with 70% support across Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. –There were a total of six school tax renewals residents of Madison County voted for on Tuesday. Two of them were countywide, while the other four were for certain districts within the county.

But each of them were equally important for the Madison County, Madison City, and Huntsville City School Systems. Millions of dollars were at stake. In the weeks leading up the election each of the school system superintendents, along with local city and state leaders, all advocated for the taxes.

They wanted to get the word out and stress that these taxes were not a new tax or a tax increase, they were just renewals. The taxes are a huge help in funding the school systems, and to help keep them operating at the level they’re at now.

When WHNT News 19 spoke with Superintendent Matt Akin, he said Huntsville City Schools will get about 15 percent of their operating budget, approximately $37.6 million, from these taxes. Meanwhile, Madison City schools will get $6.5 million from these taxes, and Madison County schools will receive $13.5 million.

“It really shows that the Huntsville community is committed to our schools,” said Aiken. “This will allow us to continue programs like Pre-K, which has such a big impact, as well as other programs such as fine arts, robotics, Greenpower, and advanced manufacturing. These type programs are not only important to meeting the needs of the community but are giving our kids opportunities that they would not have otherwise.  We could not do these things without the community’s support. Thank you.”

Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker shared, “The citizens of Madison have always supported us and we had no doubt they would support us this time. We are excited about the present and the future. This was a vote for our kids now and the next generation.”  The local district tax renewal passed by a 76 percent margin in Madison with similar results for the two countywide renewals.

“We are so proud of our community.  Our system’s mission is to create and support high-quality public schools that maximize student achievement, expand student opportunities, and prepare graduates for success in a globally competitive world.  We are well on our way to accomplishing that mission, thanks to the partnership we share with our community.  I want to personally thank the voters of Madison County for helping us continue this mission,” stated Matt Massey, Superintendent of Madison County Schools.  He continued, “This tax renewal was necessary to continue growing special programs like robotics, biotechnology, and career academies. Our children thank you for investing in their future.  You made a difference Tuesday with your vote.”

  • The County Wide 4 Mill tax passed with 72% of the vote, while 28% voted against.
  • The County Wide 1.5 Mill tax passed with 74% for, 26% against.
  • Madison County’s District 1 4 Mill tax passed with 70% of the vote, 27% against.
  • Huntsville’s District 2 6.5 Mill Tax passed with people voting 73% for, 27% against.
  • Huntsville’s District 2 4 Mill tax also passed similarly, 74% for, 26% against.
  • Madison’s District 3 4 Mill tax passed with 76% of the vote, 24% against.

The money is used to fund school programs like Greenpower, and robotics, as well as the school systems pre-k programs. It allows the school systems to offer many, if not all AP classes, and many other really robust opportunities for the students.