A small note card doing big things in Mrs. Ruffin’s classroom

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- Say hello to Laura Ruffin. She teaches 6th-grade math at Madison Elementary School.

Principal Melissa Mims says Mrs. Ruffin certainly does her homework.

"When a child comes from not enjoying math or struggling with math to now a fan of math and now applying those skills independently it means the work we are putting in is paying off for the students and that`s why we are here," Mims said.

Lenny nominated Laura Ruffin for our Tools For Teachers Award.

Keep that in mind as we introduce you to Leonard Wilson III, Lenny for short.

He nominated Mrs. Ruffin for the Tools For Teachers Award.

"I came to 6th grade not liking math and when I came to her class, that all changed because she is a really enthusiastic teacher and she really deserves to win this award," Wilson said.

Mrs. Ruffin even displays a note to her from Lenny in her classroom.

"I keep a note on my board Lenny wrote to me that he never liked math until this year and how much he loves it now and just means the world to me. Thanks, Lenny," Ruffin said.

"It makes me want to cry because that is what I want to hear because if you give it a chance, you will end up liking math by the end of the year and that's why we do it....right here," Ruffin said as she pointed to Lenny.

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