Nuclear power plant works to keep local residents safe

ATHENS Ala. -- There was no emergency at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Tuseday, but they were preparing for one, just in case.

"We don't ever want to have an exciting day. We don't ever want to have a lot of bells and whistles and alarms going off, but should that happen we want the operators to be comfortable," said David Mcconnell an instructor at the plant.

Mcconnell says the drill is similar to a situation they really were in on April 27th 2011.

"We had an unprecedented number of tornados, and we were losing electricity lines here and there, and it was beyond anything that we had seen in the past," Mcconnell said. "But the operators were very comfortable when it came to the complete loss of power, the operators did as they were trained."

The operators respond to hundreds of different lights and alarms in the control room, which each signal a different potential problem.

The plant also gives out calendars every year, which give safety information for people in the power plant's ten-mile emergency planning zone.

"We want to protect the health and safety of the public from any radiological release that might potentially occur at the plant if there were some time of accident," said Brad Tidwell the Emergency Preparedness Manager.

The calendars provide shelter and evacuation plans for the area, for if there ever is an emergency, as well as their siren testing schedule.