Marshall County woman wants dangerous ditch that killed daughter to be fixed, says 4 others killed in same spot

GRANT, Ala. -  A Marshall County woman is on a mission and needs help to fix a dangerous ditch on Swearengin Road in Grant. Deborah Stapler says the problem area is to blame for the death of her daughter in a car wreck in 2010 and says the ditch has caused more deaths in the years since.

We are taking action to get answers to figure out what is being done to fix this problem stretch of road.

Deborah Stapler says that summer back in 2010 is one she'll never forget. "She said Deborah I'm so sorry. I said what happened Sarah."

Deborah's 18-year-old daughter, Danielle, was driving home one night on Swearingen Road when she lost control of her vehicle. "She came around this curve and lost control," says Stapler.

Her vehicle veered off the road, hitting the ditch and flipping the car into a neighbor's yard. Danielle was killed. "My goal is to get the county to do something."

It's approaching 8 years since that wreck and Danielle's mother Deborah is still begging city and county officials to help her do something about the ditch. "They say that it's a drainage in this ditch but they can put a culvert in this ditch or they can put a guard rail up in this curve here," says Stapler.

Deborah sent us a picture to show exactly how deep this drainage ditch is and how close it is to the road. We reached out to County Commission Chairman James Hutchenson who says he'll be discussing the matter with Commissioner Martin, who's over that district. "There's been four people that have been killed here in this same hole."

Deborah says she is looking for any safety precautions that could be done because it could possibly save a life.