Does the Dunking Buddy complete the milk & cookies trifecta?

Whether you consider yourself to be a big-time cookie dunker or just a casual dipper, the Dunking Buddy claims to be the newest necessity in anyone's cookie-dunking routine. The age-old pair of milk and cookies has just always made sense.

"When you think of cookies, you automatically think of cookies and milk," said Mallory Sachen, who hosted a Christmas cookie party ahead of the holiday season. "Growing up I remember my mom's ginger snaps were my favorite cookies that she would make-- but you couldn't have a ginger snap without a glass of milk."

But this sweet treat can come with a down side.

"But the issue with dipping cookies in milk is a lot of times you always lose half the cookie at the bottom of your cup of milk," Sachen noted.

The Dunking Buddy claims to be the solution to your cookie woes.

Place the Dunking Buddy in a glass of milk, or favorite dunking drink, snap the magnetic cookie tray and handle together, then you hold on to the handle and slide it down to dunk! The tray keeps your cookie from breaking apart and falling to the bottom of the glass.

"It's also nice you don't have to actually dip your hands into the milk," Sachen said. "That way you don't have to get your hands dirty, if you want to pass around the milk to share with someone else, your fingers haven't already been in it."

However, the Dunking Buddy only works with smaller cookies. And be careful, because if you leave your dunk in the milk for too long, it can still turn your snack into a soggy mess!

For kids, this is a fun cookie accessory. But for anyone else, $10 isn't worth the dunk-- because we all know the cookie will be eaten either way!