Oh Deer! Why breeding season can lead to deer in odd places

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HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- A deer found its way into a Huntsville business Monday morning. While still uncommon, deer are more likely to charge into buildings this time of year.

Employees of Mobular Technologies came into work to a shattered window and a deer in the hallway.

The director of Huntsville Animal Services, Karen Sheppard, said this happens more often this time of year, during rut, the deer breeding season.

"It's usually associated with the deer being a young buck, seeing its reflection, thinking for sure that is another buck. That it needs to protect its territory, charge the window," Sheppard said.

Though not common, deer have been known to find their way into buildings. A deer was caught on social media walking through a Pennsylvania grocery store. Another deer darted through two hallways of a Mississippi school.

Shepard said that if you ever come across a deer, it's best to keep your distance.

"It's just better to stay out of the animal's way because they can really harm you, just trying to escape and get away," Sheppard said. "And sometimes they get cornered. With the testosterone levels, being in rut and they might actually charge."

One of the Mobular Technologies engineers and a Huntsville Police officer were able to get the deer to run out the front door. A deer was found dead on a road nearby, but no one is sure if it is the same deer who crashed into the building.

The Mobular Technologies manager says there is a good amount of damage to the office and his employees will work from home the next few days while it gets cleaned up.


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