Nelson Elementary Third Grade Kidcam!

They were disappointed that it didn’t snow, but these Third Graders looked right past last week’s near-miss in Jackson County and showed me just how much they know about science on Monday morning. Color me seriously impressed by the knowledge these Nelson Elementary students bring to the table; it was really hard to stump them with my bag of tricks!

Tornadoes? They’ve got that down. Reasons why weather happens? Nailed it. When asked why we have storms in the first place, they knew it was all about the rain. Roughly ninety percent of the rain that falls in a calendar year in North Alabama comes from the Gulf of Mexico; thunderstorms are an efficient way of bringing a lot of that water north and dumping it on us to keep rivers running, ponds full, and the grass growing.

Thanks to the students for being such great listeners and to the teachers for the exceptional job they are doing with these kids – especially Mrs. Yarbrough for inviting me!

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