NASA Photos Capture The California Fires From Above

Over 250,000 acres of land have been burned by the six wildfires currently blazing in Southern California. The only fire that is not at least 80% contained now is the Thomas Fire, which is only 15% contained.

The Thomas Fire has been burning for a week and is the fifth largest wildfire in modern history for the state. It has covered 230,000 acres of land in flames across Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Reading through the numbers is already overwhelming, but photos recently captured by NASA of the fires really capture their enormity.

The current weather pattern is where much of the blame lies for the fires. A large ridge has settled over the western US, contributing to the dry and hot conditions.

The Santa Ana winds have also made the fires very difficult to fight. Winds have been blowing at over 50 mph at times, making it easy for the fires to spread.