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Lincoln United Methodist Church may have burned down but the memories made there will never fade

LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. - Carolyn Thompson and Eloise Hudgins grew up in this area and went to Lincoln United Methodist Church.  "It's where we were married, we were baptized the old-fashioned way in a creek about a mile down the road, but this is home to us," Hudgins said.

When the church caught fire on Sunday the sister's hearts sank. They were thankful no one was injured, but they were worried about two things.

"I was so worried that the tree itself, the big oak tree would be a loss, but it looks like it`s not damaged much at all," Thompson explained.

They were also worried about some items they bought in memory of their grandparents. "When they both passed away, me and the other grandchildren went in together and bought the cross, the offering plates, and two candlesticks in their memory," Thompson said.

Both thought the items perished in the fire, so after minutes of looking at the burnt rubble, there was something still standing.

The cross the sisters got in memory of their grandparents was still intact. "Just to come and see you know that the cross is still there is just you know, it's just really, really meaningful to me. I think the Lord just left that for us," Thompson said.

Lincoln United Methodist Church is a total loss, but the memories made in it will last forever.