Veteran with a traumatic brain injury & PTSD searching for hit & run driver

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Roseanna Cox said her son Tony Hernandez is lucky to be alive after crashing his bike Friday night. "He was coming home crossing Madison Boulevard onto  Wall Triana, right where you cross over 565. He was in the left lane and someone was in the right lane. They cut him off," Cox explained.

Cox said to avoid hitting the car her son dropped the bike down. "It threw him off the bike and he tumbled into the middle of the intersection," Cox said. She said the vehicle that cut him off kept driving.

"At this point, we don't even know if the driver knows they caused damage to someone. All we want is for someone to come forward. We know it wasn`t intentional," Cox said.

Hernandez already suffers from a traumatic brain injury after sustaining an injury in Iraq. "We were really worried with his helmet being cracked. First thing we thought 'is his head okay?'" Cox said.

The wreck also comes at a time Hernandez just started leaving his home because of his PTSD.

"He just keeps to himself most of the time," Cox said. She said her son had only been at his job for less than a week before the wreck and she hopes the person comes forward. They don't want to press charges. They just want to exchange insurance information to help cover the cost of the damages.

"He said 'Mom, I'm blessed I'm okay.' He said I'm not mad at the driver, but I wish he had stopped. He has worked so hard to get where he's at today. He saved up for his bike and now it's gone," Cox said.

She hopes the incident doesn't set him back to not wanting to get out of the home but said his counselors will help. She said witnesses think the car that caused the incident was a black Honda.

She hopes the person who caused the incident will contact Madison Police. On Monday, they plan to open up an account at Redstone Federal Credit Union  called "Funds for Tony" to help cover the costs of the damages to his bike and helmet.