Dry and chilly conditions continue for the week ahead

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The first week of December was quite the weather roller coaster! The first 5 days featured temperatures in the 60s, then a widespread rain soaked the Valley. Behind the rain temperatures dropped into the 40s for highs and to round out the week it snowed over Central & Eastern Alabama!

The second week of the month looks much quieter: Even though the jet stream continues to surge south — ushering in continuous blasts of arctic air — there will be some points in which the jet stream lets up, allowing us to thaw out.

Monday will offer some relief from the bitter air as highs jump back into the mid 50s, but the warmth will be fleeting — another blast of arctic air arrives in time for Election Day.

Minor shifts in temperatures: Monday’s warm up will be brief. Clouds will build in Monday night as a weak cold front approaches. By Tuesday afternoon high temperatures will only be in the 40s again. It’s possible for a few snowflakes to fall in Southern Tennessee Tuesday afternoon, but since our air is so dry it’s unlikely that any flakes would make it to the ground.

Temperatures stay cool through the rest of this coming work week. It looks like a pattern shift will finally occur over this weekend, with some milder air returning through the middle of the month.

Election Day Forecast: It will be cold but dry when heading out to the polls on Tuesday!

Expect partly to mostly cloudy skies for much of morning through afternoon. In addition, a dry cold front will swing through the Valley, ushering in another blast of chilly air to the region. Northwest winds will be blustery at times, with gusts as high as 15-20 mph.

Planning for the Holidays: This December has already brought a warm spell, widespread rain, a cold snap, and even snow! So, what will it bring by month’s end?

If you’re hoping for a white Christmas, don’t get your hopes up. Climatologically, there’s only about a 10% chance of a white Christmas in the Tennessee Valley. This year the chances of a white Christmas look about the same. It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely at this point.