Apply for a full time volunteer service opportunity with The Catalyst

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The Catalyst is looking for nine people to fill a volunteer service opportunity with AmeriCorps Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA) project. The goal is to help rural, suburban and urban communities.

The volunteer positions are full time/40 hours a week of volunteer service opportunity, for which the VISTA will receive a modest living stipend of $12,312 for the service period of one year. Other benefits include child care, health insurance, and educational award toward college debt. Additionally, after the year of service is complete a VISTA can apply for federal jobs without having to go through the standard competitive process due to a unique Noncompetitive Eligibility (NCE) status. These positions are great for the individual who is interested in serving their community in a "domestic peace corps" role. Ideal candidates include recent college graduates, stay at home parents interested in on the job training, job seekers wanting to work in the nonprofit sector, and retirees with a desire to give back.