Two veteran Madison County assistant district attorneys promoted to new roles

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -  The Madison County District Attorney's Office is raising up new leaders within its team. These are some of the people who will lead the county's justice system into the future.

Maggie Wallace and Randy Dill are the newest deputy district attorneys in Madison County. District Attorney Rob Broussard recently promoted them.

"Maggie and Randy, they've demonstrated over the years that they're quite capable," Broussard said. "They're good people. They're just people and they've done a lot of good work around here."

Along with Deputy District Attorney Timothy Gann, Wallace and Dill also serve under Broussard and Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc Sandlin. Broussard said Wallace and Dill bring about 40 years of combined prosecuting experience to the table.

"They ought to be rewarded for it," Broussard said.

Wallace and Dill both started in the office in district court, handling misdemeanors and traffic violations. Now, their caseloads are more involved.

"Most of what I do is in the violent crimes area: assaults, robberies, murders, things like that," Wallace said.
"Everything from capital murder to forged checks and everything in between," Dill added about his caseload.

As new deputy DA's, they will stay active in the courtroom. But, they will add more administrative work and supervising to their workload.

"They'll be branching out into other areas that not just, 'this is your caseload, you're prosecuting it,'" Broussard explained.

Broussard said these promotions are a way to ensure the justice system in Madison County remains just well into the future, which is something Dill and Wallace appreciate.