Large donors, out-of-state contributors taking part in Alabama Senate race

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- There’s been a lot of money donated and spent in this round of campaigning in the special election for an Alabama U.S. Senate seat.

Democrat Doug Jones has raised about $10 million and Roy Moore has raised closer to $2 million, according to Federal Election Commission records.

The race has drawn national attention, so that means people all over the country are donating and the vote is Tuesday, so donations from big money donors are flowing into both campaigns.

Doug Jones has received more than $170,000 this week from contributors who gave a donation of at least $1,000.  Jones got about $100,000 more from larger donors than Roy Moore did.   Moore reported $77,000 in large donations this week.

Here’s how donations played out this week, according to the Federal Election Commission:

Contributions of $1,000 or higher for Roy Moore Dec. 1-8

Dec. 1 – $13,700

Dec. 3 -- $13,200

Dec. 4-- $10,700

Dec. 5 -- $18,100

Dec. 6 –  $21,200

Moore total: $76,900

Contributions of $1,000 or higher for Doug Jones Dec. 1-8

Dec. 1 -- $14,900

Dec. 2 -- $30,050

Dec. 3 -- $7,000

Dec. 3-- $55,100

Dec. 5 – $65,575

Jones total: $172,625


Where the money is coming from is also interesting. We took one day’s donation report from this week, and the list shows, Jones is getting money from all over the country. From Brooklyn to Los Angeles and from Maine to Silicon Valley.

Moore also drew donors from across the country, but even with a smaller sample, he had more contributions from Alabama, including Huntsville, Loxley, Mobile and Andalusia.

Listed residences of donors  to Doug Jones  from campaign's Dec. 5  FEC filing:

Cambridge Mass.; Los Angeles; New York City; Winchester, Mass; Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Reno, Nevada; Las Gatos, Calif.; Portsmouth, New Hampshire;  Chevy Chase, Md; Mountain Brook, Calif.; New York City; Portland, Maine; Albuquerque; Chappaqua, N.Y;

Mill Valley, Calif.; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Atherton, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; Arlington, Va.;  Brooklyn; New York City; Berkeley, Calif; Portland, Maine; Cambridge, Mass; Brooklyn; Cross River, N.Y.; Belmont, Mass., Mamoroneck, N.Y.;

McLean, Va.; Brooklyn Heights; New Rochelle, N.Y.; Nyack, N.Y.; Pittsburgh; Washington, D.C.; Birmingham;  Ithaca, N.Y.; Jersey City, New Jersey; University Heights,  Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Newtown, Pa.;  Crawfordsville, Ind.

Listed residences of donors  to Roy Moore from campaign's Dec. 6 FEC filing:

Maple Glen, Pa; Loxley, Al.; Huntsville; Mobile; San Jose, Calif; Andalusia, Al.; Fairhope, Al.; Huntsville; W. Des Moines, Iowa; Evergreen, Colo.; Daphne, Al;. Naples, Fla; Blue Island, Ill.; Birmingham; Dallas, Tx., Henderson, Nev.; Hinsdale, Ill.