Roy Moore campaign criticizes newly formed political action committee

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A representative from the Moore campaign spoke Thursday morning, lashing out against the political action committee, Highway 31. The campaign announced its plan to file suit against Highway 31 for running what it says is a false campaign ad. The campaign said the Republican candidate was never banned from a mall in Gadsden as claimed.

Highway 31's ad called 'Shopping Mall' is no longer airing in Alabama.

"This ad has been on for 9 days, and before Roy Moore sent a crazy letter, it was scheduled to be replaced by an ad that tells voters that Roy Moore used his personal charity to pay himself $1 million. Roy Moore's strategy of no debates, ducking questions, and phony threats won't hide the accusations of sexual assault," said a Highway 31 spokesperson.

However, the ad wasn't the only issue Moore's campaign stated regarding Highway 31 at the press conference.

"We will never learn who is pumping money into Highway 31 until after the election and this is by design," said Ben DuPre.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill sent a letter to the Federal Election Committee criticizing the PAC for not disclosing its contributions. Merrill asked the FEC to punish those who are a part of Highway 31 if their filings are deceptive.

It's not clear if or when Moore plans to file suit against Highway 31. Moore's campaign has previously indicated that it planned on pursuing litigation against the Washington Post and Alabama Media Group. WHNT asked Moore's campaign where that stood. We still have not received a response.