WWII veteran prepares Bob Jones band for Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade

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HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- The Bob Jones High School band is headed to Hawaii  to perform in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade. Last year the band's competition show was in honor of Pearl Harbor veterans. Students said they are proud to represent their school and honor the military.

"Those veterans and those who fought did so much for us, and me, little seventeen year old me, gets to go play for them and honor them," said Rachel Hartless, a senior band member.

WWII veteran Sherwin Callander

Pearl Harbor veteran, Sherwin Callander, spoke with the band about his military experience. Sherwin Callander survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and the D-Day Invasion.

Sherwin has more remarkable war stories than there are threads in the flag that he lobbied for eight years to have installed at his apartment complex.

He said it's important to speak with the students so they understand what really happened that day.

"The kids need to know what the servicemen went through and how many were killed," Callander said. "They're only three or four years older than these kids we're talking to."

Callander told the students that the best way they can honor veterans they meet on the trip, or here at home, is with a simple thank you.

"Whenever you see one, walk up to him," Callander said. "It'll make their chest swell out a little bit when you shake their hand and thank them."

Last year, he returned to Hawaii for the first time since the attack and took to the skies for an open door helicopter tour of Pearl Harbor.  That trip was made possible by an organization called Forever Young Veterans.

The band leaves for Hawaii early Tuesday morning.  Along with performing in the memorial parade the band will perform on the USS Missouri, and will get do some sightseeing as well.

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